The Best Crypto Wallets For Storing Bitcoin, Ethereum And Dogecoin

The wallet you choose can even dictate the types of cryptocurrency you can store. Crypto wallets are digital storage devices that keep the codes needed to access and exchange your crypto assets safely. You can choose a cold or hot wallet depending on your preference. A cold wallet is a specially built hardware device that you can use to store cryptocurrencies.

Which is best wallet for crypto

Or maybe you want the best security that crypto storage solutions can offer. Numerous long-standing open-source wallets, for example, don’t offer any customer support. If you think you will require help with your wallet, choose one that allows you to interact with a human customer support agent via telephone or live chat.

Best For Mobile Users

Many people are familiar with Bitcoin, but there are over 4,000 cryptocurrencies in existence today. Choosing the most popular can be a double-edged sword since network fees can be high for those crypto wallet transacted in large volumes daily. Security-wise, Huobi Pro has some interesting facets to consider. While control over private keys may not be unique, Huobi Pro seems to guarantee assets.

This crypto hot wallet allows users to securely store their digital assets with multiple layers of security, and they can store private keys safely in it as well. Additionally, they can buy cryptocurrencies within the app using a credit card. One of the features people like most is that Argent lets users choose which currencies they want to use to pay gas fees. Exodus offers a solid set of software tools, including a mobile app, a desktop app and a browser extension. Exodus, which is free to use, also has a solid library of explanatory content for people who are learning about crypto. Exodus supports about 150 cryptocurrencies, including many of the most popular assets.

In July 2022, the manufacturer was hacked; the email addresses of 272,000 Ledger customers leaked. No wallets were compromised, but the data breach put a sour taste in prospective buyers’ mouths. In fact, all the wallets outlined above are some of the best free bitcoin wallets. If you love staking, this wallet has 12 built-in staking protocols that you can use to earn rewards on your favorite assets. The Billfodl steel wallet comes with all the pre-engraved letter tiles you need to create an indestructible reference to replace or back up your paper seed phrase document.

Users, meanwhile, can gain access to an advanced transaction history to track all their finances. While the app shares standard transaction fees to push Bitcoin transactions through, it ultimately requires the user to identify the proper fees. From a security standpoint, the app isn’t dependent on a development team to operate.

Good Balance Between Accessibility And Security

However, you’ll have to connect it to your desktop or mobile device to add or remove crypto. One way to choose a wallet is by looking at the website of the cryptocurrency you’re hoping to store. There are many single-purpose solutions built for individual cryptocurrencies. But if you’re planning to protect multiple kinds of cryptocurrencies in one place, it’s a good idea to shop around. In what some are calling President Joe Biden’s crackdown on crypto, the White House recently released a set of reports with the administration’s plan to regulate the cryptocurrency market. These reports are President Biden’s first attempt to earnestly tackle the issues that digital assets present to the U.S. economy since Biden’s executive order in March.

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Exodus is one of the most visually appealing and intuitive wallets on the market. Initially a desktop-only wallet, Exodus now has apps for iOS and Android and is also compatible with Trezor wallets, a popular hardware wallet brand. Nonetheless, the desktop wallet application — available across Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems — is still the wallet’s core offering and is updated every two weeks. Ledger is one of the most well-known brands in the crypto space, with hardware wallets that are a popular choice among crypto enthusiasts. Its products stand out for using a Secure Element component — a type of chip often seen on passports, credit cards and payment systems — to provide an extra layer of security. MetaMask is also notable for its compatibility with other blockchain solutions.

Best For Ethereum: Metamask

Like Exodus, Jaxx is a self-custodial wallet, which means you’re in control of your keys. Where Jaxx falls seriously short is that it doesn’t offer support for multi-signature transactions or, even more surprising, two-factor authentication (see “Keeping Your Wallet Safe,” below). Paper wallets are the simplest type of wallet and are usually just a piece of paper with a QR code that represents your public and private keys. Paper wallets are considered to be the most secure type of wallet, but they are also the most inconvenient to use.

Which is best wallet for crypto

The underappreciated Steakwallet is one of the few WalletConnect-compatible wallets that works with the v2.0 update. Steakwallet currently supports most major Layer 1 blockchains and a significant number of Layer 2 blockchains. As such, it supports thousands of digital assets across chains such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Solana, and Polygon. The crypto wallet itself is free to use, and allows free storage. Fees are flexible, and the Unstoppable Wallet app is available for Android and Apple users. Its potential drawbacks are that it has neither a multi-signature feature nor two-factor authentication.

Many cryptocurrencies offer a desktop wallet specifically designed for their coin. The Coinbase Wallet can be downloaded as a mobile app or browser extension and features an easy-to-navigate UI consistent with the Coinbase exchange. The wallet is automatically configured to support many blockchains, including all EVM-compatible chains, Solana, Fantom Opera and more.

The Model T’s companion app Trezor Suite is highly minimalistic, only offering the basics. Keep in mind, though, that the Model T is not iPhone-friendly; it only supports Android. However, whether you have macOS or Windows, the Model T works fine. One downside of the Nano X, however, has nothing to do with the product itself, but everything to do with Ledger’s sullied security reputation.

Some of the most common WalletConnect-compatible wallets include Trust Wallet, MetaMask and Rainbow Wallet. Don’t worry — as long as you are using a hardware wallet from a respectable brand , your seed phrase will enable you to recover your PIN or transfer your funds to a new device. Hardware wallets connect to your computer through a USB port or Bluetooth .

The “standard fee” charged by the platform when sending a crypto transaction is used to validate a transaction in two to five blocks . It is possible to modify the fee to a greater or lower figure based on how quickly a user would like to have their transaction confirmed on the network. Edge encrypts all of your private data on your device using client-side encryption. This means you keep full ownership of your digital assets and don’t have to give Edge your phone number, ID, or any other personal information.


So it’s like having a cold wallet as a service, as strange as that may sound. Nonetheless, Ledger has the art of cold crypto wallets down to a science. The Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S are both packed into convenient form-factors, including micro-LCD. Trezor wallets support a wide range of cryptocurrencies , including Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, and many more. Setting up the wallets is also easy; all you need is a PIN code and a recovery seed. For non-custodial wallets, you may have to transfer crypto from elsewhere, as not all wallets allow you to buy crypto with fiat currency directly.

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have established themselves as a recognized asset class with deep liquidity and a diverse investor base. However, unlike traditional assets like stocks and bonds, you can’t store your cryptocurrency assets on an online brokerage account. Instead, you need to store your digital assets in a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies, and the mobile version allows users to buy Bitcoin with fiat currency, meaning traditional currencies like pounds or dollars. Like Ledger, Trezor supplies hardware wallets that offer better security than non-custodial online solutions. There are cheaper options available from Trezor, such as the Trezor One for £53.

The wallet’s phone version is well-optimized and works perfectly. The app allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency wherever you go. You can just scan someone’s QR code and send them a payment within seconds. The non-custodial wallet is basic and easy to use, allowing users to send, receive, and keep a limited amount of coins safely. Using the Binance wallet app or the web browser version of the wallet, you’ll have access to the whole platform’s capabilities including 24/7 access to a crypto exchange.

Both have a proven track record of security and offer a range of different features. If you’re looking for your first hardware wallet, you’ll want one that is easy to set up and use. With private key wallets, it’s possible to lose your phone and your private keys and thus your funds. However, many mobile wallets are offered by companies with customer support that secure your keys and make it very easy to restore funds should you lose or break your device.

How We Chose The Best Bitcoin Wallets

Regardless of what you choose, it’s a good idea to pair any software wallet with a hardware wallet for added security. Like mainstream banks, many exchanges let you deposit crypto into an account that earns an interest-bearing yield. You might not be able to access your deposited funds for a short time, but the interest rates can be significant, so this is another easy way to generate passive income with your coins. If you’re primarily interested in Bitcoin, Mycelium is an excellent choice, as long as you’re at least somewhat familiar with how cryptocurrencies operate.

Ledger Nano X Or S

One of the most important distinguishing features concerns custody. The Ledger Nano X is another great cold wallet option for security-minded crypto investors, and costs less than the Trezor Model T. The Trezor Model T is among the best, most secure cold wallet options for investors who prioritize security and are willing to pay for it. That said, it’s a bit more advanced than Coinbase, but Exodus has an edge if you would benefit from the options to navigate more coins and exchanges more freely.

Originally, they weren’t meant to work as trading platforms or to store large crypto sums. These mobile wallets have decent security, and you can use several of them simultaneously. That can be useful to separate different kinds of assets, exchange connections, or investment strategies. The best crypto wallets can save you a lot of money and time when it comes to managing your crypto portfolio. Simply put, a crypto wallet is a digital or software-based way of storing your private and public keys, as well as your digital assets. Mycelium is an open-source, non-custodial, mobile-only wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a suite of ERC-20 tokens.